Privacy Building Block Confidentiality Level

[Observation: templateId Privacy Building Block: Confidentiality Code]

Implementation-neutral representation of "confidentiality level"
          as  an encoded metadata in CDA documents, XD* metadata or other transport-specific
          metadata or  security specifications (e.g. SAML, OAuth). This privacy building
          block was constrained  for confidentiality levels that meet the needs of the DS4P
          project. This type of metadata may be set by a sending system to specify to the receiving
          system that the document or message is restricted. The receiving system must persist this
          information and refer to it.

Contained By Contains
  1. SHALL contain exactly one [1..1] templateId such that it
    1. SHALL contain exactly one [1..1] @root="Privacy Building Block: Confidentiality Code"
  2. SHALL conform to Privacy Building Block template (templateId: Privacy Building Block Class)
  3. SHALL contain exactly one [1..1] valueSet (CONF:16814)
    • The value set is fixed to the oid of the HL7 Basic Confidentiality Value Set for
                  confidentiality levels that meet the needs of the DS4P project.

  4. SHALL contain exactly one [1..1] valueSetName (CONF:16815)
    • This attribute is fixed to "HL7 BasicConfidentialityKind" for
                  confidentiality levels that meet the needs of the DS4P project.

Confidentiality Code specified as an implementation neutral class that constrains the terminology constraint - value set:
Figure 1. Implementation-neutral of Confidentiality metadata