For Discussion and Demonstration Only The Normative content for these specifications may be found on the HL7, IHE, and HITSP web sites.

DS4P IG: Direct Transport Profile

The Data Segmentation for Privacy (DS4P) IG Direct Transport Profile is based on artifacts and the findings of pilot implementers of the Data Segmentation for Privacy S&I Initiative, specifically on the requirements specified in the Data Segmentation Use Cases developed by the stakeholder community.

The constraints in this profile are based on the implementation guidance contained in the Data Segmentation implementation guide, specifically the NwHIN Direct version of the Implementation Guide

This transport profile provides constraints a to the XDM Metadata based on the Document Sharing Metadata specified in Volume 3 of the IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework. The constraints described in this transport profile apply to any of the IHE integration profiles (e.g. IHE XDM) that reuse the XDM Metadata Content Profile specification.

Note: If a Direct implementation does not support or use the XDM metadata, that implementation will be unable to support privacy annotations specified by the S&I Initiative DS4P Project and, therefore, will not conform to this specification.