For Discussion and Demonstration Only The Normative content for these specifications may be found on the HL7, IHE, and HITSP web sites.


This Implementation Guide is generated from UML models developed in the Open Health Tools (OHT) Model-Driven Health Tools (MDHT) project. The data specifications have been formalized into computational models expressed in UML. These models are used by automated tooling to generate this publication, and event validation tools and Java libraries for implementers.

Conformance to specifications in this guide allows any EHR or HIE to appropriately enforce patient, organizational, and jurisdictional privacy policies during the exchange of almost any electronic health record. Specifications are defined as testable document conformance criteria that developers and certification bodies can use. At the request of ONC, this HL7 DS4P implementation guide underpins the ONC, S& I, DS4P Implementation Guide. It aims to be a compact model of HL7 and related IT industry standards that enables data segmentation.

The sponsoring work groups agreed to introduce this implementation guide as a Normative specification. This decision was based on the fact that ONC DS4P Implementation Guide was developed over a  two-year period with broad based community input. Subsequently, the ONC DS4P Implementation Guide has undergone two rounds of pilot implementations with multiple vendors and federal agencies, including: VA/SAMHSA, SATVA, Jericho Systems/UT Austin, and NetSmart. Each of the pilots has demonstrated specific user stories and implemented aspects of the IG consistent with the needs of their sponsors. VA/SAMHSA pilot was demonstrated at HL7 September 2012, and widely discussed at the HL7 Work Group Meeting. Additional demonstrations of the VA/SAMHSA pilot and Jericho Systems/UT Austin pilot were were performed at the HIMSS 2013 Interoperability Showcase.

The following information regarding prior development activities are available for illustration purposes:

For a detailed description of the project, refer to the S&I Initiative DS4P Project Executive Summary