For Discussion and Demonstration Only The Normative content for these specifications may be found on the HL7, IHE, and HITSP web sites.


This profile is based on artifacts and the findings of pilot implementers of the Data Segmentation for Privacy S&I Initiative, specifically on the Use Cases developed by the stakeholder community.

The constraints in this profile are based on the implementation guidance contained in the Data Segmentation implementation guide, specifically the NwHIN SOAP/Exchange version of the Implementation Guide.

The XDS privacy metadata constraints applies to ITI-18 (Registry Stored Query), ITI-42 (Register Document Set - b), ITI-41 (Provide and Register Document Set - b), and ITI-43 (Retrieve Document Set). These transactions support the "push" and "pull" document exchange modes required by the DS4P use cases. - Push (IHE IT XDR) : ITI-41 (Provide and Register Document Set - b) - Pull (IHE IT XDS, XCA): ITI-18 (Registry Stored Query), ITI-42 (Register Document Set - b), ITI-43 (Retrieve Document Set) We will add that this document does not describe a specific end-to-end solution but relies on the correct implementation of the underlying IHE IT Infrastructure transactions and document exchange metadata in addition to other policy needed to establish a trust framework.

Other constraints apply specifically to a specific integration profile (e.g. IHE XDR) or apply further vocabulary constraints to metadata mandatory for all instances where the Document Sharing Metadata (aka XDS) is used (e.g. facility type code, practice code)..