For Discussion and Demonstration Only The Normative content for these specifications may be found on the HL7, IHE, and HITSP web sites.

Organization of This Guide

This chapter specifies the subset of DS4P IG constraints that are applied to optional and mandatory content of the transport metadata to meet the requirements of the DS4P project.


The templates in this document constrain the transport specification according to the constraints specified in the NwHIN SOAP/Exchange version of the Implementation Guide. created by the Data Segmentation for Privacy S&I Framework Initiative.

Vocabulary and Value Sets

Vocabularies recommended in this guide are from standard vocabularies. When SNOMED codes are used, rules defined in Using SNOMED CT in HL7 Version 3 are adhered to. In many cases, these vocabularies are further constrained into value sets for use within this guide. Value set names and OIDs are summarized in the table Summary of Value Sets. This specification reuses HL7, LOINC, and SNOMED-CT coded concepts as well as value sets specified for C-CDA.