Create a new Implementation Guide

Create a project for a new implementation guide model.

NOTE: we will work on replacing this process with a Wizard in the next milestone.

The best way to create a new project is to copy the provided example project and run the refactor.xml Ant script to rename it. This can be accomplished by following these steps.

  1. Download and disconnect the example project from the MDHT SVN repository
    1. Check out cda/example/org.openhealthtools.mdht.uml.cda.example. Please check out a new unmodified project, don't start with an example you have changed.
    2. Right-click on this new project and select Team > Disconnect, and select the option: 'Also delete SVN meta-information from file system'
  2. Rename the project. Right-click on the new project and select Refactor > Rename. For example, enter the new project name 'org.openhealthtools.mdht.uml.cda.ncr'.
  3. Edit and run the refactor.xml script.
    1. Open the refactor.xml script in the Ant or text editor.
    2. Change the property values for the following properties: basePackage (e.g. org.openhealthtools.mdht.uml.cda), packageName (e.g. ncr), prefix (NCR), and nsURI (e.g.
    3. Run the refactor.xml script as an Ant build. Make sure to run in the same JRE as the workpace.