Non-Normative Content The Normative content for these specifications may be found on the HL7, IHE, and HITSP web sites.

Organization of This Guide

The requirements as laid out in the body of this document are subject to change per the policy on implementation guides (see section 13.02" Draft Standard for Trial Use Documents" within the HL7 Governance and Operations Manual, ).


Templates are organized by document (see Document Templates), by section (see Section Templates), and by clinical statements (see Clinical Statement Templates). Within a section, templates are arranged hierarchically, where a more specific template is nested under the more generic template that it conforms to. See Templates by Containment for a listing of the higher level templates by containment; the appendix Templates Used in This Guide includes a table of all of the templates Organized Hierarchically.

Vocabulary and Value Sets

Vocabularies recommended in this guide are from standard vocabularies. When SNOMED codes are used, rules defined in Using SNOMED CT in HL7 Version 3 are adhered to. In many cases, these vocabularies are further constrained into value sets for use within this guide. Value set names and OIDs are summarized in the table Summary of Value Sets. Each named value set in this summary table is stored in a template database that will be maintained by CHCA.