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DIR Quantity Measurement Type Codes

Value Set DIRQuantityMeasurementTypeCodes - 2.16.840.1.113883.
Code System SNOMEDCT - 2.16.840.1.113883.6.96
Code Code System Print Name
439932008 SNOMEDCT Length of structure
440357003 SNOMEDCT Width of structure
439934009 SNOMEDCT Depth of structure
439984002 SNOMEDCT Diameter of structure
439933003 SNOMEDCT Long axis length of structure
439428006 SNOMEDCT Short axis length of structure
439982003 SNOMEDCT Major axis length of structure
439983008 SNOMEDCT Minor axis length of structure
440356007 SNOMEDCT Perpendicular axis length of structure
439429003 SNOMEDCT Radius of structure
440433004 SNOMEDCT Perimeter of non-circular structure
439747008 SNOMEDCT Circumference of circular structure
439748003 SNOMEDCT Diameter of circular structure
439746004 SNOMEDCT Area of structure
439985001 SNOMEDCT Area of body region
439749006 SNOMEDCT Volume of structure