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Family History Related Subject Code

Value Set FamilyHistoryRelatedSubjectCode - 2.16.840.1.113883.1.11.19579
Code System RoleCode - 2.16.840.1.113883.5.111
Version 1
Definition Family Relationships record the familial relationship of a person to another person. This value set is to be used when it is necessary to record family relationships (e.g., next of kin, or blood relations). This is a subset of the value set used for personal relationships
Code Code System Print Name
ADOPT RoleCode adopted child
AUNT RoleCode aunt
CHILD RoleCode Child
CHLDINLAW RoleCode child in-law
COUSN RoleCode cousin
DOMPART RoleCode domestic partner
FAMMEMB RoleCode Family Member
CHLDFOST RoleCode foster child
GRNDCHILD RoleCode grandchild
GPARNT RoleCode grandparent
GRPRN RoleCode Grandparent
GGRPRN RoleCode great grandparent
HSIB RoleCode half-sibling
MAUNT RoleCode MaternalAunt
MCOUSN RoleCode MaternalCousin
MGRPRN RoleCode MaternalGrandparent
MGGRPRN RoleCode MaternalGreatgrandparent
MUNCLE RoleCode MaternalUncle
NCHILD RoleCode natural child
NPRN RoleCode natural parent
NSIB RoleCode natural sibling
NIENEPH RoleCode niece/nephew
PRN RoleCode Parent
PRNINLAW RoleCode parent in-law
PAUNT RoleCode PaternalAunt
PCOUSN RoleCode PaternalCousin
PGRPRN RoleCode PaternalGrandparent
PGGRPRN RoleCode PaternalGreatgrandparent
PUNCLE RoleCode PaternalUncle
SIB RoleCode Sibling
SIBINLAW RoleCode sibling in-law
SIGOTHR RoleCode significant other
SPS RoleCode spouse
STEP RoleCode step child
STPPRN RoleCode step parent
STPSIB RoleCode step sibling
UNCLE RoleCode uncle